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Buying Your First Maple Syrup Bottle? Check This Guide!

If you have been looking for a natural sweetener that’s better than refined sugar on your dining table, maple syrup can fit the bill. While there is no denying that maple syrup is loaded with natural sugars, it is still better than refined sugar, given that it contains nutrients and antioxidants. No matter whether you need a cadeau bio for someone, or want maple syrup for your home, you need to find the right product. Unfortunately, products that say things like ‘pancake syrup’ or ‘maple-flavored syrup’ are anything but maple syrup.

In this post, we are sharing a few things worth knowing about buying maple syrup.

Knowing the value of maple syrup

Organic maple syrup is expensive and considerably hard to find. In fact, 80% of the world’s maple syrup comes from Quebec, Canada, and only a few varieties of maple trees can be tapped for the sap. It is only possible to get maple syrup in season, which is between February and April. A less-than-normal winter can impact the sap and the quality of syrup produced. Holes are drilled into the tree to collect the sap, and this sap is then boiled to remove water. The syrup derived is further filtered to get pure maple syrup. While maple syrup can be stocked for a few months to up to two years, it can go bad, so the produce has to be consumed in a short period.

Finding the grades

In the market, you will find maple syrup graded as Grade A and Grade B. Grade A maple syrup can have many colors, which are indicative of the flavors. Light or golden color syrup is sweetest and has mild flavor, while amber color maple syrup is higher on flavor. Dark color Grade A maple syrup is even richer and is usually harvested in the later part of the season. Grade B syrups, on the other hand, are extremely strong in flavor and is usually sold for commercial use.

Which one to buy?

Most stores sell golden or amber-color maple syrup, which is ideal for drizzling, dressing and cooking. If you want to cook something with maple syrup or want something with a strong maple flavor, go for dark-color maple syrup. Make sure that the brand is reliable and you have a good range of products. Don’t buy anything that has corn syrup or other ingredients in the list.

Next time you make a pancake, add your share of organic maple syrup!

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