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Dog 101: A Pet Parent’s Guide To Buying Dog Apparel!

Fashion for your beloved pooch has to be about functionality too. Dog parents often don’t pay much attention beyond the basic coat, but your dog needs so much more, especially if you live in a region that’s prone to extreme climates. Buying dog apparel doesn’t have to be confusing, because we now have an incredible checklist for your help, keeping various requirements in mind.

Parka jackets

Just like parka jackets for humans, parka coats are meant for adventurous dogs. If you like to take your dog along for hiking, or want him to enjoy the winters, this is an all-rounder coat that you can buy. You can check online for Hurtta summit parka jacket, which not only keeps the dog warm but is also waterproof.


Dogs are not always big fans of rain, and that’s okay. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from taking the dog on a walk during the rainy season. Check for doggie raincoats, which are designed to protect the fur, and that can also keep ticks, fleas and other insects at bay, which tend to thrive in wet fur. Just make sure that the size is right.

Cooling coats

As the name suggests, a cooling coat is meant to keep your dog cool during the summer days. There are varied designs in such coats, but these are usually lightweight and easy to wear. If you live in a city that’s prone to extreme sunny days, make sure that you get a cooling coat for your dog, especially for the walks. You will also find suits that are designed to protect the fur from sun.

Fleece coats

For the fall, you definitely need a fleece coat. Fleece coats are designed to be comfortable and easy, and these are great for indoor use. Fleece is meant to have good insulation, and the finish of these dog coats is extremely soft. However, fleece jackets and coats are not meant for outdoor use, so keep that in mind.


The last one on this list is a snowsuit. Dogs often love to dig into snow, and while the fun is real, this can cause a frostbite. Make sure that you have at least a couple of snowsuits for your dog, so as to protect his fur from damage.

If you are shopping for dog vests and regular jackets, find one that has reflective trims. You can check online stores for the best offers.

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