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Fan of Bongs and Pipes? Try Using dab rigs, Too

If you have been into the world of smoking herbs for a while now, then you have heard of this certain type of rig. Now if you have not much idea about this, then you better read on for you to learn about this special type of rig that is highly important for smoking certain types of herbs and oil.

What is a Dab Rig?

Dab rig refers to the rig that is used to smoke certain substances such as smoke rosin, butane hash oil, CO2 oil, shatter, and some other examples of concentrates made from the cannabis plant. This is also known in the smoking market as the oil rig.

In case you want an idea of how it looks like, the dab rigs are those apparatus that have specially designed structures and they are usually made from certain materials like glass. If you get into its design, the main part of the dab rig is looking like a typical bong used in smoking herbs.

There is also a small part that looks like a nail, usually made out of materials like glass or titanium, called a skillet, which is used to hold the concentrate used in the smoking process. This part must be able to last through the hot temperature that is needed to turn the concentrate into the one that can be smoked.

How Concentrate is Heated in Dab Rigs

With regards to the concentrate used in the dab rig, it is usually heated by using a butane torch. Once the concentrate gets to vaporize, you can now inhale the vapor or smoke coming out through the mouthpiece of the dab rig.

As you can see, the dab rig is usually designed to heat the concentrate of any type to an exceptionally high temperature. This is why the concentrate is vaporizing instead of combusting.

Dabs Rigs: Available in Many Forms

When you get into any smoking market, you’ll get to see a lot of available brands of dab rigs that come in various shapes and forms. But what is even more fun is that you can buy your very own dab rig that is customized in various shapes, colors, forms. But if you will get your dab rig, make sure that you will buy the one with a glass body.

Dab rigs, unlike smoking pipes or bongs, are designed primarily to vaporize the concentrate before inhaling the vapor coming from it. Because of that, the dab rig is made of the best quality glass that can withstand the intense heat and not catch nearby objects on fire.

But just like the bong and the smoking pipe, the dab rig provides the very same benefits and effects to the mind and body of the user upon inhaling the vapors coming from it.

Experience the Best – Try Using Dab Rigs Now!

If you have already tried using herbs through bongs and pipes, then you better try it out by using the dab rig as well! Based on numerous reviews and feedbacks, using the dab rig can bring strong and euphoric effects that can last a long time in the mind and body of the user.

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