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Five Common Mistakes you Must Avoid when Buying a Used Piano

If you play the piano and want to buy a new one, you want to get your instrument at the best price. Unfortunately, many piano buyers make mistakes because they don’t plan in advance. To help you avoid making these mistakes, it can help to be aware of these common mistakes such as the following:

Not Committing to Playing the Piano Long Term

Some parents register their children to piano classes and then buy a cheap keyboard. Unfortunately, these keyboards do not have the real feel and response necessary in the learning process. Experts recommend not buying piano if you are not ready to invest your time and money to learn. Think about renting a piano from a Music Store in Virginia, MN first to see if playing the instrument suits you.

Not Having Knowledge of the Cost of Moving and Maintaining the Piano

The service of professional piano movers and tuners are expensive; however, they are worth every penny you spend. The price can increase when it includes factors like stairs and distance. You might want to save money by doing it on your own. But, even a small mistake can damage the piano that can be quite expensive to repair. Keep in mind that transporting a piano requires skills, some equipment, and knowledge to do the task. Once the piano has been moved, it has to be tuned which costs you another money. Tuning should be done at least twice every year.

Not Committing to Less or Piano Quality

Some people invest in the expensive ground or upright pianos; however, don’t commit to taking lessons. In fact, they just learn to play from the internet, e-book, and other sources. Also, some people register for lessons but not invest in a good piano. If you are really serious about playing the piano, invest in both lesson and instrument.

Not Getting Expert Advice

You need to seek the opinion of your piano teacher on which piano to buy. This has to do with their teaching method. Getting the wrong one can impact how you learn to play the piano.

Not Examining the Piano Carefully

As you started playing the piano, you may not know which brand or model to buy. If you don’t inspect the piano carefully, you will end up with an instrument that has broken strings, stability issues, tuning problems, and others. If possible, bring a professional with you to inspect the piano for you before buying it.

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