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Five Factors to Consider when Buying Infrared Sauna

A sauna purchase is a huge investment but it has great potential to boost your health. That is why you need to make your purchase right from the get-go. If you want to buy the best infrared sauna,

here are things you must take into consideration:

The Sauna Supplier

You will want to pick a sauna company that has been in business for decades. Surveys show that many sellers in the sauna industry are out of business after five years in operation, leaving customers with no warranty recourse and limited available replacement parts. Choosing a company that has been operating for at least twenty years will ensure they will be available to stand behind their warranty. Also, pick a company that learns and embraces innovation in the features they offer.

Sauna Cabin

Saunas with thicker walls have better insulation, better warm-up times, and lower operating costs. Also, they are studier and easier to assemble. Ensure the sauna has exceptional construction and made from beautiful wood. The majority of good brands prepare the wood by air drying and kiln drying. Wood that is not prepared tends to easily crack, separate, and split during use because of several heating cycles.

Heater Emissivity

This refers to the amount of true infrared the sauna’s heaters put out or how much of it can penetrate the tissues of the body. The heaters need to be efficient and emissive to ensure proper infrared healing.


Warranties on sauna purchases vary from a full lifetime on everything to a one-year warranty. It’s important to consider the expensive parts of heaters, wood construction, and control panels/wiring. But, a lifetime of warranty is not always desirable. A cheap brand that costs $1000 and offers a lifetime warranty may offer very little. If the brand will be out of business within five years, you will be left with no recourse. And if it remains viable, the sauna may only worth $500 and is just overpriced to pay for the many units that will fail.

Sauna Design and Layout

Some corner units look good; however, they do not have enough space and cannot accommodate three people. That is why you must carefully consider floor space and floor heaters. Think about having heating elements behind the legs, in front of the body, beside the legs, and beside the upper torso. If you are surrounded by more infrared heat, you can be sure the heat actually penetrates.

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