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Fold Down Throw Levers: Easy Magnification Level Swap

Throw levers let you quickly adjust the magnification level of your variable optic. These tools are useful with any optic; however, they are worth some extra consideration in terms of low-power variable optics (LPVOs). With throw levers like the Fold Down Levers, you don’t have to grasp a ring or wrap your hands around the rear objective when swapping magnification levels. Rather, you only need to grasp the stick and go.

Throw levers revolutionize the use of rifle scope. This small, lightweight accessory clamps around the power adjustment ring of scopes and allows for easy and quick adjustment of the power setting of the scope with only a light push or pull of the lever. While doing this, the shooter maintains a natural hand, arm, and firing position.

What are your Options?

Throw levers are popularly adopted and accepted that optic makers just integrate them into the latest designs. Newer tactical lines come with removable levers. Even budget-minded scopes have throw levers that can be customized. And if your optic does not have one, you can be sure to find options at every price point.

You can get one tailor-made for your optic. If you have a popular optic, you can expect to have more choices for it. For instance, if you are running a Vortex, you can find a list of compatibility at their site. Keep in mind that OEM-marked SwitchView can increase the overall price. In general, an OEM add-on option is the easiest to fit and install; however, you will need to pay a bit more for the pleasure.

Switchview Fold-Down Levers

These throw levers fold out of the way when you focus your rifle into something. Attaching a fold down lever into the power collar lets you quickly adjust your optics magnification by gently rotating the lever.

Fold-down levers come with a 2-hole lever top, installation instructions, and hex wrench. They are made following the strict engineering and design standards of almost a decade of developing original SwitchView scope adjustment levers. Every Switchview lever is continuously refined and the new Fold-Down lever maintains ease of use and operation while adding a level of convenience. Its fold down feature makes it a great option for improved storage, competition use, and travel.

A quiet day at the range with your dad gives you all the time in world. Time is crucial for hunting, gaming, or playing for keeps. Throw levers offer any shooter a more mechanical advantage.

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