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Four Effective Ways to Avoid Getting a Dry Hit when Vaping

Whether you are new to vaping or have been vaping for a while, you have probably experienced having a burnt vape coil. This is something that can happen on even the most experienced vapers. You are puffing perfect clouds and enjoying the deep and suddenly you get a dry hit and a burning taste.

However, you can prevent this from happening if you follow the tips below:

Soak the Wick in Vape Juice before Vaping

The majority of vapes you can get from HQ Vape & Smoke have coils made with cotton to efficiently soak up e-juice and hold it well while still letting air to be drawn through. But, if it has been a while since your last vaping session or you are switching to a new coil or liquid, the cotton can be quite dry. To eliminate the risk of a dry hit, consider soaking the wick in e-juice before you start vaping.  This will allow your vape juice to sit in the tank for 5-10 minutes before you take your first hit.

Turn the Wattage Down

High wattages let you burn through vape juice at twice the speed. Although this may provide you with bigger vape clouds, it can cut your vaping session short. After the liquid runs out, the wick will dry and lead to a dry hit. Turning down the wattage will ensure you have a longer vape session and reduce the risk of burning your vape coil.

Leave a Gap between Each Vape

As you enjoy a certain new vape juice flavor, you can easily get lost in the moment. You will start vaping harder to chase the hit. However, vaping faster and harder will cause your vape coil to burn out quickly. This is something you should especially keep in mind if you are using a vape juice with high VG content as it takes longer to soak into the coil in between every drag. Therefore, try to take your vaping easy and allow a bit of a gap between every vape.

Pick the Right E-Juice

It’s important to choose your vape juice wisely if you don’t want to burn out your coil. Usually, you will find a mix of PG and VG in any type of vape juice. Vape juice with high VG tends to be thicker so it takes longer to soak the coil between draws. Therefore, vaping quickly can burn out the coil quickly. To minimize the chances of burning the vape coil, consider switching to a thinner vape juice.

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