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Ideal Gifts for Your Favorite Poker Fanatic

Got a birthday coming up? Or maybe you forgot to give someone a Christmas gift because they’re notoriously hard to shop for. As noted in our guide for choosing the right gift, it’s always a challenge to find just the right thing. Zeroing in on someone’s interest or hobby can give you a good place to start. And in this piece, we’re going to cover ideal gifts for poker fanatics, given that most of us have that one friend or family member who loves the game.

Custom Engraved Poker Case

A customer engraved gift such as a nice poker case is a great gift for a poker fanatic. Not only do they get something to be proud of, but they also receive a beautiful piece of handiwork that has either their name or a meaningful message (or both!) on it. A personalized gift is that much more special to the recipient, so sometimes it’s worth the splurge on a nice gift with a personal touch.


A Masterclass is a training course to help improve a player’s game. Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu are two of the greatest ever poker players and have both contributed to the Masterclass program, along with countless other experts in their fields. If your loved one enjoys poker, a class may be just what they need to up their game. It’s also a wonderful option for those looking to pick up a new hobby without having to invest in it too much at the beginning.

A Framed Poster of a Movie

Poker has featured prominently in movies: from Paul Newman’s and Robert Redford’s drama The Sting, to the excellent poker game between Mads Mikkelsen and Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. Some movies have even been attributed with an increase in the popularity of specific variants of the game, like the film Rounders and Texas Hold’em. Regardless of your playing style, there’s a big chance that if you are a fan of poker, you have a favorite movie poker scene. There are plenty of services that will print high-quality posters, allowing your friend to decorate their gaming room, and remember that particular scene that reinvigorates their love for the game every time they watch it.

Automatic Card Shuffler

Many professional players eventually stop participating in tournaments, but that doesn’t mean they stop liking or playing the game. In fact, once poker becomes part of your everyday life, it becomes a deeply rewarding hobby. As you get older, it may become a bit difficult to shuffle the cards. If you have an aging friend who loves to play, an automatic card shuffler will allow them to continue playing with their friends as if nothing had happened.

Poker Table

While most people believe poker fans spend most of their time in a casino, the truth is that many players enjoy setting up a regular friendly game at home. We all have that one friend who puts a lot of time and effort into getting a nice set of chips, cards, and snacks. But, of course, nothing beats the feeling of a nicely designed poker table. Having this piece of furniture can be the dream goal for a friend slowly building their game room. The market offers multiple models and you can even go a bit further and have it custom designed in a workshop. The hardest part would probably be finding a way to find out how your friend’s dream poker table looks, without revealing the surprise.

We hope these gift ideas have given you the inspiration to buy your poker-loving friend a gift they’ll cherish forever.

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