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Interesting Facts and Types of Colorful Discus Fish

Discus fish are one of the unique species of cichlids and are native to Amazon River basin. They are one of the most rated popular aquarium fish loved worldwide by fish pet enthusiasts.

There are reliable online pet shops specially having discus fish for sale. You can view different varieties of the lovely colorful fish available with the price tag. If you are planning to own this awesome amazing fish then you need to know more about them.

Interesting Facts About Discus Fish

They are one kind of cichlids and are considered to be the largest group of vertebrates in the fauna kingdom. Out of all varieties of cichlids found in abundance all around the world Discus is the most favorite of fish hobbyists. The simple reason is because it is found naturally only in Amazon River basin, thus have uncommon features that you can see while it is moving in fish tank. Due to large demand in the pet market of such wonderful fish presently the variety of Discus fish kind if being breed in by fishers. Hobbyists are ready to own all variety of Discus fish even though its price is high compared to the other cichlids. The discus fish are breed in various ways to introduce more colorful and uniquely patterned variety.

Types of Discus available:

  • Natural or wild Discus fish – They are popular fish breed and are often displayed in public aquariums. They need special kind of environment in the fish tank and thus experts and hobbyists prefer to own the wild Discus fish.
  • Hybrid Discus fish – As the term suggests, it is simply a hybrid kind of Discus fish. It is usually breed in wild. The unique feature is that the fish is aquarium friendly and thus can easily adapt life in your fish tank.

  • Heckel Discus fish – It is stated to be the first discovered Discus fish by Doctor Heckel, thus it is fondly known by the name of the doctor. They aren’t aquarium friendly as they are wild kind and known to be expensive. The unique feature is the black stripes on its body known as ‘Heckel’s bars’.
  • The Turquoise colored green fish – In natural breeding ground, you will see the green shaded Discus fish looking little dull among other colorful Discus fish. However, fish breeders breed turquoise green shaded fish just for its amazing look. They are fondly known as Royal Blue or Royal Green and are sold in all popular fish pet shops globally.
  • Brown Discus fishes – Though it is called fondly as Brown Discus, the fish have shades of orange, yellow and some even have blue color shade on head. The variant in colors may be due to the water they breed in as orange color mixed with brown shade is due to presence of carotene in water.

You can anytime buy Discus fish online from a reliable pet shop and enjoy the colorful Discus fish in your well set fish aquarium.

Author Bio –  Discus Guy has over 30 years experience raising and breeding quality discus fish.

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