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Latest Crossdraw and Leather Shoulder Holsters

The crossdraw leather holsters and leather shoulder holsters are the types of western and concealment holsters respectively. There are various other custom leather holsters available for purchase. Varied western holsters include the Old west holsters and Hollywood holsters, Cowboy holsters,  Crossdraw leather holsters, Double holster sets, hunting holsters, and semi-auto holsters.

Under concealment holsters, there are the OWB holsters, IWB holsters, and leather shoulder holsters. Apart from these, custom leather holsters are also available in various models and have high-quality accessibility and function.

Description of the latest crossdraw leather holsters

Among the latest models of crossdraw leather holsters, the top three are the Idaho John Rig- model IDJ, Santa Fe Cross Draw- model 1860-2, and Dodge City – model 1872.

Specifications of Idaho John Rig- model IDJ

This is a right-handed configuration holster that has a barrel length range of 4.82 – 7.5. The colors available are black, brown, and tan. The finish is available in borders stamped along with basketweave and hand tooled. This model comes under the cowboy holster category of western holsters.

This is specifically designed for champion cowboy action shooters. For cowboy lovers and serious cowboys, this rig is the one for you. It’s crafted with the finest leather and has a perfect fit. Pure leather is used and not even a small lining is made of plastic or metal. The holsters are dyed for an elegant and clean finish.

The burnishing of the edges is done and painted for a durable and attractive surface. The belt is 3 inches wide and equipped with a solid clip-covered square buckle and bullet loops that are hand-molded. The tradition of the late 1800s is kept alive in these designs of the holsters. The common border pattern on the holsters is the same as the ones in the 1800s. The custom belts are made to last for a long time.

Description of the latest leather shoulder holsters

Among the various latest models of leather shoulder holsters, the top three are the – K-400 Tie Down Strap-model K400STRAP, The Smith &  Wesson Detective Carry, and K400 Mag Holder- model K400R.

Specifications of K400 Tie Down Strap-model K400STRAP

This shoulder holster is adjustable to height. Also, an optional tie-down strap is provided to secure holsters and a magazine pouch to the belt. This concealment type of holster is reliable and strong giving a light weightedness due to wide straps.

Specification of K400 Mag Holder-model K400R

This leather shoulder holster has both right-hand and left-hand configurations and is available in all three colors. These mag carriers are handmade and crafted for a perfect twitch. It extends beyond the holder to give a good grip and is designed in a way that they lie flat against the body. The included swivel loops allow the holder to adjust positions without the shoulder strap being messy. It is also provided with an optional belt strap and an extra tie-down screw.

Hence, with every detail and efficient element used, these holsters are made to satisfy the customer’s requirements.

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