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Reason for Turning Ashes into Diamonds

You might be grieving the loss of your loved members.  There is the better option of having them close forever to your heart.  The diamonds created from cremation ashes are the best way to the memory of the loved ones alive.

A chemical process is used to create diamonds. Such a process can filter the cremated ashes of your loved ones and recreates them into carbon ashes that will produce a beautiful diamond.

The diamonds you can get from cremations can be of different sizes and shapes and be made in jewelry pieces that include bracelets, earrings, rinds, or necklaces. There are different benefits you can get after turning ashes into diamonds.

Get diamond shapes

It is possible to get various shapes of the diamond from the ashes. For that case, you require to select between shapes and styles that you need your loved one’s ashes to be turned into.

Turn ashes into jewelry

After transforming your family member’s ashes into diamonds, you can have the option to create jewelry from them. These are the major benefits you can enjoy. After deciding to put your loved member ashes into jewelry, you can turn their memories into precious metal lasting for a lifetime.

A crafted piece of jewelry from cremated remains of your loved ones is the enduring and beautiful way that can keep them to your heart for eternity. Looking at the jewelry will serve as a constant reminder of the amount they mean to your life. It is possible to see their indelible mark on things that will be surviving from generation to come. Cremation ashes will be transformed into diamonds, which will produce stunning jewelry pieces, necklaces, particularly rings. These diamonds are useful to form bracelets and earrings.

Regardless of having a loved one who is passing or looking for a better way for commemorating your loved one who has left you. Turning ashes into diamond will make sure it is closer to your heart. The diamonds created from ashes are a meaningful and beautiful way to keep your loved one very close.

Turning ashes in vinyl record

It is possible to press the ashes of your loved one into a vinyl record. It is important to choose a favorite song, sing or write them, or leave heartfelt messages to your loved ones. The design of the artwork will depend much on you. For that case, you can pick a picture with a special meaning, making your design or allowing someone to do it for you.

Turning ashes to glass

It is important to put ashes in the glass vase. Some recycled glass includes used wine or beer bottles and other containers. The ashes mixed with molten glass are well designed in a better way you like them.

Turning ashes into crystals

Such practice is well done using a patented production process crystal. Your family member’s ashes will be infused into the crystal. For that case, you will have it mounted or loose onto cremation jewelry. Regardless of any method you choose, it will enable you to commemorate the life of your loved one who has departed.

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