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Refer to this Helpful Guide when Buying a Used Motorcycle

You are about to make a huge leap in the world of motorcycling and one of the biggest investments you will ever make by buying your very first bike. So, you want to buy moto usagée or new? It is a tough choice. There are also other factors to consider like buying from a private seller, dealer etc.

Determine from where you want to buy your bike: Dealer or private?

  1. Pricing

If budget is the issue, then a private seller will provide the vehicle at a lower price as compared to the dealership. But the private seller doesn’t have extra items like a building, a staff and other related cost for running a business. While lower cost is too tempting at first, but there are issues with it.

  1. Quality

When it comes to buying from private dealerships, a franchised dealer or independent shops then they have higher odds of offering you a reliable motorcycle. They also gain a bad name is they sell a bad quality bike, so this can only be fixed by good maintenance and first class value if you are a newbie. Dealers only deal with trade ins with a bikes in good condition. They will also have a written inspection document for noting the things that they may need to be fixed in the future.

  1. Service History

A private seller may have no proof to show if the vehicle has been maintained or fixed under their ownership and having no proof isn’t always the case. There are also many owners who have preserved the receipts and documented history of everything related to the bike.

  1. Warranty

A dealer may give you a limited warranty on the bike that has a problem within a limited time period or the number of ridden miles from when you buy a bike. A private seller will sell a bike with no included or implied warranty. If you are facing problems within a week of ownership then the dealer will take the bike back for service readily, but a private seller may never do the same.

  1. Ownership History

Dealerships usually complete an ownership history search to make sure that the bike isn’t stolen or was written off by the insurance guys before you buy it. A private seller may also not be aware of the history of the bike and if they do, they may or may not share it with you. A dealer will always give you the printed record of the history of the vehicle.

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