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Want To Buy Shocks For Your Jeep? Check The Popular Categories Here!

Alright, many users will agree that the ride in a Jeep isn’t the most comfortable one. However, the experience also depends largely on the shocks used. For the uninitiated, shock absorbers are critical for enhanced comfort riding and are a part of the suspension system. Simply put, shocks help in dampening the effect of axle, so you will have a better time riding and handling your Jeep on the road. If you wish to buy shocks for a lifted Jeep, there are quite a few options. In this post, we are discussing further on the types of shock available for Jeep.

The options

  • The first one is called twin-tube shocks, which have two chambers/tubes. These have gas/hydraulic fluid, which reduces the vibrations or shocks as you ride the Jeep. The gas used for these stocks are typically nitrogen, which offers better control/handling of the vehicle. If price is your first concern, this is the cheapest of the lot and are best suited for budget buyers – Just don’t expect a lot.
  • The next on the list are monotube shocks, which are also affordable, but offer much better performance. In case you don’t know, monotube shocks rely on a singular valve and nitrogen gas for reducing the vibrations. For trails and long road journeys, monotube shocks can be considered adequate of sorts.

  • If you don’t mind paying more for a better experience in your vehicle, remote reservoir shocks are your best bet. For the rough roads, or when you are driving at a higher speed, this is the best pick by all means, thanks to better fluid capacity. Also, this is considered to be perfect for overlanding enthusiasts.
  • The last one on this list is Coil Over shock, which is expensive and best suited for off-roaders. This has a spring setup, so when you are driving at a higher speed, you can expect the best possible ride.

Where to buy?

There are numerous stores that sell shocks for Jeep online at great prices, and we recommend that you consider your needs, overall expectations, and budget before taking the call. If you are someone who likes to go on long journeys, you should definitely consider going for a better option, because you don’t want to feel the harshness in your ride. Jeep shocks, especially the right one, can change your traveling experience and vehicle handling entirely.

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