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Why Should You Get E-Nails For Dab?

Temperature consistency holds immense value in choosing the right cannabis concentrates for dabbing. Too cold dab doesn’t give any vapor, whereas too hot dab smells and tastes like hot melted plastic.

You don’t want either of these conditions so you need to strike a balance between extremely cold and extremely hot. E-nails are a technology-enabled device that has got popular for its ability to harnesses electricity to obtain the ideal dab at every single time.

About E-nail

E-nails have been used for the past few years. This device becomes popular after the success of cannabis concentrate. Due to their expensive nature, their use is still limited among people.

E-nail or electronic nail is unit that has a controller box. This box delivers heat via a coil that attaches directly to the nail. These boxes enable controlled temperature management to the nail. It grants an ability to the user to normalize heat to the outfit with a simple press of a button.

Higrollersmoke is one of the best places to buy enails online. The company offers an extensive collection of e-nails for customers to choose from. Some of their stationary tabletop e-nail brands include Mini Nail, Dr. Dabber, High 5 Vaporizers, Puffco, etc.  

What type of advantages can you get by using an E-Nail?

Unprecedented temperature control

One of the most important benefits of using an electronic nail device is providing extraordinary temperature control. This helps the user to get the perfect dab as per his requirements.

No dependency on butane

E-nails do not require butane as its regular input. Due to the high cost of butane, ensuring a sustained supply is not feasible for longer term.

Need very low power

E-nails need very little electricity for operation. It can easily last for several hours, without any need for refilling it.

Risks related to E-nails

Not safe around pets and children

Users who use e-nails have to use it with a sense of responsibility. This device is not advised to be used around children, pets, and all those who are not well-versed with this technology.

Can cause a fire hazard

E-nails are viewed as a fire hazard. They should not be operated near any flammable device or substance.


Looking at the pros and cons, one can say that this technology is ideal for those who enjoy cannabis concentrates for a longer-term, and wish to avoid unnecessary expenditure on butane costs. By following safety rules, E-nails make an ideal way to dab cannabis concentrates.

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