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Why Should You Use Glass Filter Tips In Customized Cigarettes? 

Some of you may often like to do weed smoking and quite a few of you like to prepare your own cigarette too. Let’s discuss in this post how you can roll blunts and also use glass filter tips. The purpose of the glass tip is to allow you to smoke the entire cigarette herb but no herb can get into the mouth.

Another benefit is that you can easily carry it with you anywhere you like. Now let’s see how you can use it for a better smoking experience. However, if you are interested you can buy from one of the best smoke shops Phoenix AZ.

Open it entirely

You may cut cigar after unwrapping it. Use a knife to cut in a straight line, so that it will open up a cigar and allow you to take guts out. It is better to forcibly take out guts because it can also tear the cigar.

You can also use your nail to open up a cigar in a straight line.

Pour the herb then seal the cut

You need to moisture for keeping the cigar open and then fill it with herbs. Be a little careful while filling the herb so that no wastage of herbs takes place. Start shaping your blunt. Remember, the fold should be done upward.

While tucking wrap around weed, ensure not to keep blunt tight.

Benefits of a glass filter tip

You may sense less heat in your mouth and hands after installing blunt into your tips, because the smoke will take time to cover space. Moreover, tar will not touch your skin

How can joint tips help wraps to stay together?

Irrespective of whether it is a glass joint pre-made filter tip or tips that you prefer to make by using cardboard, it will give the base of the joint some stability.

Also, it will make paper wrap the bottom of the joint tightly. So, the chances of getting joints crumbled will be less.

How glass tips can make smoking easy?

You can very easily clean glass joint type filter tips. Most of the rolling tray will come with a glass tip and also a rolling paper dispenser with a small hole that will hold glass tips and the cone packer.

Glass tip will take the position of a paper filter and will save your throats and lungs in turn. Also, it will no longer burn your finger.

Few glass tips may have a pinch in glass and can block unwanted herbs to come into your mouth. Few glass tips are also heat-resistant and provide smoke little space to travel to get cooled before reaching to the lips.

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